Christmas is officially here, and people from all over the world are celebrating the most beautiful time of the year! Festive cheers are everywhere, from the excitement of opening gifts to the glee of listening to merry songs.

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It is common knowledge that Filipinos do not hold back when it comes to celebrating Christmas, which means that they go all-out, not only with twinkling lights and vibrant decorations, but specially with food preparation.

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Days leading up to Christmas eve and day are spent by cooking up a storm. Traditional dishes are sure to be seen on the dining table, but if you want something new to add on to the menu, then here’s a recipe that you can try!

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Vegan chocolate cake is a delicious and healthier alternative to your usual triple chocolate cake, and it’s not as difficult to make even if you’re new to baking like Andi Eigenmann!

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Worried that you might make a mistake and ruin the recipe? Do not fret because Andi made some minor mistakes as well, but she was able to successfully bake a vegan chocolate cake with the help of her daughter Ellie!

(c) Andi Eigenmann

It doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s Christmas after all, so just enjoy the baking experience!

(c) Andi Eigenmann

On that note, here’s the video of Andi’s vegan chocolate cake recipe!

Merry Christmas and happy baking!

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