Andi Eigenmann is one modern island momma that all young even old moms look up to now.


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It’s because of her approach to her parenting, fitness, and life in general which are uncomplicated, easy, and simple. Andi herself practices minimalizing everything to what she and her family needs.

A complete turnaround from her ‘artista life’ she used to live.


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Recently, Andi has started her road to fitness and happily shared her cardio exercises she named #HotSummaMomma a 30-day cardio challenge!

She also answered health and fitness questions from fans. Her answers though are unconventional from what we usually hear, but in reality, are facts! Here are some of them.

First things first, Andi eats rice herself!

For Andi, rice has enough nutrients to give energy to the body. Andi herself doesn’t deprive herself of this common Filipino food. Of course in moderation.

She also doesn’t pressure herself to workout, she lets the urge come to her plus a fun workout routine!

When it comes to unhealthy cravings, Andi’s advice is to go for it! For her depriving cravings can only lead to binging even more!

As for her weight goal, Andi only wants to feel strong again!

She also shared a bit of her fiancé surfer-athlete, Philmar Alipayo’s workout

Catch up with Andi. Try out her 30-day #HotSummaMomma workout challenge today. It’s already at highlighted on her Instagram page!

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