It’s official, Lilo is finally an Ate! For other ‘bunso’ it may be a difficult transition, actress vlogger Andi Eigenmann was glad to share it wasn’t for 1-year-old toddler Lilo.


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In an Instagram post, Andi shared how instantly Lilo became a big sister for Baby Koa.

“My little big sis Lilo! Oh my baby you’ll always be. It’s been a full day back home as a family of 5, and everyone has been great so far. Specially this one, who was instantly an amazing big sis,” Andi wrote.

And it looks like Andi only think of one good big sis, Lilo takes after—Ellie of course.

“She takes after Ellie!” she added.

The now mother of 3 also shared she is excited to see how it will be for Lilo and Koa.

“I am definitely looking forward to witnessing this siblinship and watching them grow together,”

But for Andi, her little island girl will always be her baby forever.

“Enjoying every second of her being a jolly little toddler who only continues to brighten up all our days. Oh my baby forever she will be.♥️”

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