Andi Eigenmann Shares Healthy Habits in New Vlog


We know Andi is an advocate of living a healthy and holistic life – and we don’t just mean through the vegan food that she and her family consumes. In their recent Happy Islanders vlogs, she shared 10 Healthy Habits that she has adopted throughout the years that have made her into a happier and healthier person today.

Here are a few of our favorite advice from the soon to be mom of three:

1. “Nowadays, whenever someone says diet, it automatically is in relation to not eating so much or eating so that they will lose weight. My goal was not to be thin or to look at the scale and lessen my pounds, it became something that just made me feel good, made my body feel good, made my mind feel good.”

Andi also shares that it’s important not to deprive yourself of the food you want to eat. She says that there are many fun ways to eat healthy – one just has to be creative with it! (You can check out some recipes on her vlogs!)

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Baby Lilo eating fruits

2. “Getting into the groove of working out regularly has really improved my mood, my happiness in many ways, so I feel like it really just starts within you. If you take care of yourself, if you love yourself, if you’re happy with who you are, with the way that you are – it you’re really kuntento, it will really reflect and everything else will follow.

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Andi Eigenmann exercises every morning as soon as she wakes up.

3. “Creating a nighttime routine really helps. When I have a routine, my mind and my body also feels when it’s about time to hit the sack.

Andi shares that her usual routine is showering, doing her skincare routine, tucking in her kids, and reading a bit before bed.

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To see her full list, you can watch the full video below:

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