Andi Eigenmann Misses having Partner Philmar Alipayo By Her Side

It looks like distance only makes the heart grow fonder for Andi Eigenmann and partner Philmar Alipayo.


The love that Andi Eigenmann and Philmar Alipayo share is one that make can make any person swoon. Coming from very different backgrounds, it was almost fate that brought the two together – and eventually made Andi choose to stay in Siargao.

The couple continues to be #goals for everyone who has followed their story so far. With one hurdle after another – and this time, a pandemic keeping them away from each other – it looks like the two have proven that distance only makes their hearts grow fonder.

In a recent vlog, Andi talked about how their plans of returning to Siargao didn’t exactly pan out, thus, she and her Happy Islander babies would have to stay in the city for a while longer.

We can’t imagine this being easy for Andi, especially since she is currently pregnant with Baby #3. She shared on instagram this adorable photo of her and Philmar when she was pregnant with Lilo, saying that she misses having him by her side in his journey.


“Mostly so he can see that I am still smaller today compared to during my last [pregnancy] with Lilo”, she jokes.

Philmar responded to this post with “Tan-awon ta 😊 will see you soon 😘”

There seems to be no space for sadness between this happy couple – and both just greatly look forward to being back in each other’s arms, once it is safe to travel again.

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