If there’s anything netizens have found out about “Kita-Kita” star Alessandra de Rossi is, she’s a tough cookie!


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Alessandra is also the kind of celeb who won’t mum on her opinions especially in the current situation of the country today.

Recently, she took this sentiment to Twitter and mused on missing the old normal.

But like everything else now on social media, someone replied and bashed Alessandra saying she instead help than talk on social media.

To that, Alessandra instead replied.

She also re-tweeted another and explained an anonymous account that opposes her sentiment.

Instead of getting upset or angry, Alessandra started a rather witty series of tweets!

She didn’t back down at the last second!

This is probably Alessandra’s best tweet in the entire online commotion!

Brava! Alessandra handling it with finesse, wit, and grace!

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