Yam Concepcion in latest vlog with partner, Miguel: “Clearly, I am the luckiest one here.” 


Yam Concepcion is the girl we love to hate for playing kontrabida roles in teleseryes. She is a very talented actress after all, so she when she brings these characters to life, she makes sure to commit – making her mataray persona even more believable every time.

In a recent vlog on Yam Concepcion TV, Yam and her partner, Miguel Cuunjieng, answer some ‘Would You Rather’ questions from fans. You can find full video below:

While questions about life, career, and love have been answered, what we found very special about this video is the exchange between the couple in between questions. Yam shared that after watching what she filmed with Miguel, she realized she wanted to share more details with fans – and so the little additional information from future Yam, added some spice to the video.

Yam asks Miguel about what he thinks about her having a “personality crossover” when she’s acting, and the guy answers without a beat, “Even though you don’t need to, you always ask me to be patient for when that happens, but I know it’s just how seriously you take each role. You really get into character in a way that even surprises me.”

Yam expressed appreciation for Miguel by inserting a clip of herself saying, “Clearly I am the luckiest one here.”

The actress adds, “I’m so grateful to have such a supportive partner who understands and respects my work.”

The couple first met in 2012, but have been officially a couple for five years. Imagine the kind of love and connection they must feel to be able to make a long-distance relationship work for them so effortlessly! So if there’s a couple you can ask for advice, it’s these two!

They also did a Q & A video, in which Yam referred to Miguel as the love of her life. You can watch the video below:


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