Aside from her overflowing talents, Multimedia Princess Nadine Lustre is also oozing with so much creativity.

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You can see it with the way she takes photos, curates her Instagram feed, and as the Chief Creative Designer of her own makeup collection.

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Other than singing, dancing, acting, and directing, Nadine is also a stylist and a fashion designer.

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Nadine definitely slayed when she walked on the red carpet of the ABS-CBN Ball with boyfriend, Multimedia Prince James Reid.

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Wearing an edgy 7-kilo thigh-high slit gown made by Dubai-based designer Garimon Roferos, Nadine totally rocked her rebel outfit and everyone is talking about it. As a matter of fact, she’s chosen as one of the best-dressed that night by Mega and Metro magazines.



The gown was intricately made as it was covered with Swarovski jet black crystals.

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The designer of the gown shared that 80 percent of the gown was Nadine’s idea. She got the inspiration from Rihanna’s 2012 Victoria Secret fashion show.

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In an Instagram post, the caption says, “Nadine Lustre, in collaboration with Garimon Roferos is a Big Blast of Success. Nadine has a Creative Talent she could be a perfect stylist or a fashion designer if she’s not a Movie Star.”


This was not the first time that Nadine has been so hands-on with her outfits. In 2016, her stylist, Joanna Garcia, revealed that she helped in designing the gown she wore during the premiere night of her movie, ‘This Time.’

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Meanwhile, after the ABS-CBN Ball, our Multimedia Princess is back to shooting her movie, ‘Ulan’ with ‘Sid & Aya: Not A Love Story’ director Irene Villamor.

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