Talented actress, singer, overall performer, director, and chief creative designer, Nadine Lustre holds all of these titles and more, making her one of the biggest and brightest stars in Philippine showbiz!

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2018 was a very busy year for the Multimedia Princess, but the new year has more exciting things in store for her! In fact, it is only the second week of 2019, and she is already juggling multiple commitments at once.

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Curious as to what goes on within a busy day in the life of Nadine?

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Photographer Eden Clona gave a sneak peek of the Multimedia Princess’ day, which had a long list of things to do and places to be!

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According to @edenclona via Twitter, “Done meeting with teacher g. Usap about another project habang nasa byahe papuntang editing ng MV…”

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Nadine had one meeting after the other in the same day, which could be very exhausting for her, but she still managed to give a sweet smile!

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Another thing to look forward to this year is the Multimedia Princess’ coming-of-age film “Ulan,” directed by Irene Villamor.

Nadine also has an upcoming dance musical movie with Sam Concepcion entitled “Indak,” directed by Paul Basinillo, so watch out for that as well!

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