Yam Concepcion is one of the most sought-after Filipina actresses of this generation, and she continues to thrive as a multi-talented artist in the Philippine entertainment industry!

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Yam has done several movies and television shows in the past, but her most popular one to date is the hit TV series “Halik,” wherein she gives life to the character of Jade.

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Her role in the drama series is both loved and hated by the viewers, which just goes to show how talented and effective she is as an actress. Not to mention, Yam’s portrayal of Jade also won her two awards in the previous year!

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An even greater achievement of the actress are her fans who continuously grow in number as she consistently works hard in her craft.

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Yam’s fans may already know a lot of facts and trivia about her, but she revealed even more about herself in this episode of Celebrity Slam Book!


Curious as to who her local celebrity crush is? You can watch the video here to find out!

Indeed, James Reid’s charisma is irresistible!


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