Xian Lim and Louise Delos Reyes have teamed up for an early Valentine’s Day treat that you will surely enjoy!

The two stars are starring in an upcoming movie entitled “Hanggang Kailan?” and it is their first time working with each other. Despite that, they have shown a strong on-screen chemistry and became good friends in real life.

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A lot of the scenes in “Hanggang Kailan?” was shot in the picturesque city of Saga in Japan, which adds a more romantic factor in Xian and Louise’s super kilig moments in the film.

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Excited to see the movie in cinemas? The long wait is almost over as it is showing tomorrow on the 6th of February!

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The premiere night for “Hanggang Kailan?” was held last night, and it was jam-packed with people who want to show their support for Xian and Louise!

Here are the two stars, alongside director Bona Fajardo, on the premiere night’s red carpet.

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Xian and Louise are brimming with happiness and excitement for their film!

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Of course, Louise interacted with her fans who gave their all-out support.

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Meanwhile, here’s Xian looking ever so dashing in his premiere night outfit.

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You can watch a video clip from the premiere night here!

And while you’re at it, you can also check out the trailer of “Hanggang Kailan?”!


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