“Hanggang Kailan” is Viva’s first movie this 2019, and a lot of people are already very excited to see it on the big screen!

Xian Lim and Louise Delos Reyes are starring in the film, which is their first big project together. Another thing to look forward to besides their tandem is the picturesque scenery of Saga, Japan where a lot of the scenes were shot.

Despite not having enough time to talk and get to know each other in real life before taping started, Xian and Louise seem to have gotten along with each other quite well.

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The story of “Hanggang Kailan?” is quite interesting as it portrays love and heartache in a different perspective. Not to mention, Xian and Louise have an undeniable on-screen chemistry that makes their fans super kilig!

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Curious as to how “Hanggang Kailan” started? You can watch the making of the film beginning with this behind-the-scenes footage of Xian and Louise’s movie poster shoot!

“Hanggang Kailan” will be showing in cinemas on the 6th of February, so stay tuned for that! In the meantime, you can watch the trailer here!


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