Indeed, Nadine Lustre’s 2018 was quite a blessed and fruitful year career-wise, and she has even more exciting things in store for 2019, so watch out for that!

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The Multimedia Princess is starring in a coming-of-age film entitled “Ulan,” directed by Irene Villamor. She also has an upcoming dance musical movie with Sam Concepcion entitled “Indak,” directed by Paul Basinillo.

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Those two films are only a few of the many projects that will keep Nadine very busy in 2019, so definitely look forward to her slaying another year!

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Actress, singer, overall performer, director, and chief creative designer, the Multimedia Princess holds all of these titles, making her one of the biggest and brightest multi-hyphenate stars in the Philippine entertainment industry!

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There is no denying that Nadine is a woman of many talents and good traits, which inspire her millions of fans.

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However, they say that no one is perfect, and that everyone has their own flaws. Wondering what’s the one bad quality that the Multimedia Princess would change?

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She revealed just that in an Random Questions interview with Pikapika!

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“Overthinking. It causes my panic attacks and my anxiety,” Nadine shared.

Click the link below for the full interview!


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