Matteo Guidicelli is now officially a part of the Viva Artists family, and his smile reflects how happy and excited he is for the new chapter of his career!

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Matteo is a multi-talented actor, singer, model and triathlete. He has done several movies and television shows, as well as shown his talent in singing through live shows and concerts.

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Now that Matteo is a Viva artist, a lot of people may be wondering what’s next for him and with whom he is going to work with. During his contract signing, the actor answered these questions, and he even mentioned the names of who he wants to work with in future projects!

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Nadine Lustre and Yassi Pressman are two of the artists that Matteo mentioned, and you can watch the video here to find out the other Viva actresses whom he is looking forward to working with!

Indeed, 2019 is a promising year for Matteo and other Viva artists, so stay tuned for the exciting projects in store for them!

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