‘Kuya Escort’ Greg Hawkins is one of the rising stars today. With his charming personality and good looks, he’s got what it takes to be here in the industry.


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Greg or more popularly known as ‘Kuya Escort’ in the ‘Miss Q&A’ segment of ‘It’s Showtime’ rose to fame because of his funny and ‘kilig’ moments with Unkabogable Star Vice Ganda.

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The Korean-American heartthrob grew up in the United States. He graduated with a degree in Political Science from the University of Utah.

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He came here in the Philippines in 2012 with a mission to spread the Word of God. He fell in love with the country and eventually moved here in the Philippines few years after.

Recently, Greg played the Pinoy Tongue Twister Challenge and surprisingly, he almost nailed every single one of them.

He was able to say ‘nakakapagpabagabag’ which even most Filipinos cannot pronounce fast.

For every mistake he made, Greg needs to remove one thing thing that he’s wearing.

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