Multi-talented actor, singer, overall performer, and entrepreneur, James Reid holds all of these titles and more, making him one of the biggest and brightest Filipino stars of this generation!

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The Multimedia Prince is having quite a busy start to the year as he juggles one showbiz commitment after the other.

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First off, he is gearing up for a big summer show in collaboration with Billy Crawford and Sam Concepcion. Their concert will be held on April 5 at the Araneta Coliseum, so definitely stay tuned for that!

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Aside from their dream concert collab, James also worked with Billy and Marcus Davis for an upcoming single entitled “Filipina Girl.”

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Not to mention, the Multimedia Prince has also been working hard in preparation for his upcoming movie role, Pedro Penduko.

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Indeed, James’ 2019 is already filled with numerous blessings, and he will be receiving even more good luck as he welcomed the Chinese New Year with an all-out performance of his hit song “Right There”!


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