James Reid, Sam Concepcion and Billy Crawford are three of the most sought-after Filipino stars of this generation, and they are teaming up for a big summer show!

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All three of them were recently gathered for a meeting about their first time collaboration. The show does not only have 3 multi-talented artists, but it is also directed by award-winning director Paul Basinillo.

2018 was a big year for James, Sam and Billy, but 2019 has more exciting things in store for them, so stay tuned!

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Two more things to watch out for are James’ upcoming superhero movie, “Pedro Penduko,” as well as Sam’s upcoming dance musical film with Nadine Lustre entitled “Indak,” both of which are directed by director Paul.

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Meanwhile, Billy has an upcoming album, and he is also one of the judges in two upcoming reality competitions, “World of Dance Philippines” and “Idol Philippines.”

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