Valentine’s Day just ended, but love is always in the air when it comes to these two lovebirds.

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Team Real James Reid and Nadine Lustre recently celebrated their third anniversary as a couple by going in a short trip at “The Farm” in Lipa City, Batangas.

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They posted sweet photos on Instagram, expressing how much in love they are with one another.

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It was three years ago when James said “I love you” to Nadine in front of thousands watching their “JaDine In Love” concert live in Araneta and on pay-per-view.

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Three years after, they have accomplished a lot as a love team, and even with their separate projects, they always got each other’s back.

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In a sit-down interview with the Multimedia Prince, James cites the things he loves the most about his girlfriend.

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“Nadine is extremely thoughtful. She remembers everything you say and you know, she always buys me little things that she knows that I like,” he first pointed out.

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According to James, he loves that Nadine is very talented, citing her eye for art, beauty, and aesthetics as examples.

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In case you don’t know, aside from Nadine’s very beautiful Instagram feed, she also edited their “Always” travel video in San Francisco, and co-directed James’ “The Life” and their “Summer” music video.

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“Nadine is funny. She has a really shallow sense of humor, but I love it,” he added.

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Just like every interview he had before, James always mentions how understanding Nadine is.

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“No one gets me like she does, and there’s so many more things I love about Nadine but I can’t break it down into a list,” he explained.

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Finally, he revealed that some of their best memories is when they travel and explore the world together.

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“We have made a lot of memories in so many different countries. We’ve been to Paris. We’ve been to Rome, Japan. I think, a lot of our best memories are when we’re traveling and seeing the world,” he said.

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Watch the full interview here!

Meanwhile, don’t forget to grab your tickets on James’ “The CR3W Live in Concert” at the Big Dome on April 5 along with International R&B Sensation Billy Crawford and Total Performer Sam Concepcion.

On the other hand, the trailer for Nadine’s movie, “Ulan,” has been released and a lot of people are already excited and intrigued on what the story is all about. Written and directed by “Sid & Aya” director Irene Emma Villamor, “Ulan” is showing on March 13 in cinemas nationwide!

ULAN Trailer [Nadine Lustre | Carlo Aquino | March 13, 2019]

Ulan, ulan… Dala mo ba’y lungkot o ligaya?Tuluyan nang darating ang ULAN sa mga sinehan sa March 13!For the first time, Multimedia Princess, Nadine Lustre and award-winning actor, Carlo Aquino, share the screen together in Irene Emma Villamor’s (Camp Sawi, Meet Me In St. Gallen, Sid & Aya) magical romance film, ULAN. Will the rain ever stop Maya in her journey to overcome past heartaches as she searches for true love? Find out on March 13, 2019. Also starring Marco Gumabao and AJ Muhlach.Listen to ULAN’s official movie sound track:Ulan | Movie theme song performed by Janine TeñosoSpotify: Na Naman by Rice LucidoSpotify:

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