Without question, Multimedia Couple James Reid and Nadine Lustre are two of the biggest stars today.

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From blockbuster movies, countless magazine covers, chart-topping songs, phenomenal teleseryes, endorsements, sold-out shows and concerts, they have achieved them all.

Getting their big break in ‘Diary ng Panget’ was unexpected even for the both of them. That’s the first time James and Nadine were launched as a love team and also the first time they headlined a movie.

Now, they are two of the most in-demand artists of their generation and it’s not surprising given the passion and dedication they pour in for their craft.

Another success story for James and Nadine as a tandem is how their love story unfolded. It was almost three years ago when James said ‘I love you’ to Nadine in front of thousands at their Araneta concert.


After the blockbuster success of their latest movie ‘Never Not Love You,’ which recently made it to an international film festival, they are currently busy with their respective films.

Nadine’s movie, ‘Ulan,’ with ‘Sid & Aya: Not A Love Story’ writer and director Irene Villamor is almost done. She will also star in a dance musical called ‘Indak’ with close friend Sam Concepcion.

James, on the other hand, will be shooting for ‘Pedro Penduko’ soon after undergoing an intense training for the role.

They previously said that working together now that they are a couple has been easier, but given the separate projects that they are currently doing, they said that it would help them grow as artists.

If you miss them together on screen, let’s look back how sweet they are while on set!

James Reid and Nadine Lustre's sweetest moments off cam!

No doubt about it. James and Nadine will make you fall in love with love!

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