It may be a little cold this January, but summer is fast approaching, and James Reid and Nadine Lustre has the perfect summer destination for you to visit!

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The Multimedia Couple went on a trip in Dakak a few years ago, and they seem to have had a lot of fun doing various summer activities under the sun!

Now, that’s a fun JaDine throwback!


Moving on to the present, something to look forward to is Nadine’s coming-of-age film entitled “Ulan.” It is her first movie without James as her leading man ever since they were paired as JaDine.

Instead, she has three new leading men in it namely Marco Gumabao, AJ Muhlach, and Carlo Aquino.

James, on the other hand, has a big summer show in collaboration with Billy Crawford and Sam Concepcion, and it will be held at the Araneta Coliseum.

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The Multimedia Prince has also been preparing for his upcoming movie role, Pedro Penduko, so watch out for that as well!

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Indeed, James and Nadine is having a very busy start to the year, which only means that 2019 has even more exciting things in store for them!

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