Multimedia Royalties and real-life couple James Reid and Nadine Lustre’s love story is truly one for the books. Their journey from being a love team, to best friends, and now a couple never fails to make us feel all sorts of “kilig.”

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The very first time they met was during an acting workshop back in 2012. James and Nadine recalled that they did not even say hi to each other, although he admitted on Metro Magazine that the first time he noticed her was inside the elevator right after the workshop.

Another fact is Nadine auditioned for “Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash 2010,” the same edition where James emerged as the big winner.

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In 2013, the two finally worked together in a project. James chose Nadine to be his leading lady on his first ever music video “Alam Niya Ba.”

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They were formally introduced as a love team when they were picked as two of the leads stars of the hit Wattpad story “Diary ng Panget.” James and Nadine did not expect its blockbuster success especially for a newbie tandem.

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More movies and projects like “Talk Back and You’re Dead” and “Para Sa Hopeless Romantic came after that.

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The phenomenal teleserye “On the Wings of Love” positioned them as one of the biggest and most in-demand love teams in the country. They have touched the hearts of Filipinos all over the world.

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Towards the middle of “On the Wings Love,” a video during the premiere night of “WangFam” went viral. The two were seen arguing and it resulted to days of not talking to each other.

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In an interview, James said that’s when he realized how much she meant to him. That’s when everything slowly changed.

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When they came back from San Francisco for OTWOL, Nadine made a travel video called “Jadine.Always.” Fans were shocked and happy at the same time because they saw that something special is going on between the two. They saw the huge possibility that the reel love could turn into something real.

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During their “JaDine In Love” Araneta concert in February 20, 2016, everyone was surprised when James said “I love you” to Nadine in front of the thousands watching.


It was nine days after James slipped and first told Nadine that he is already in love with her while having a romantic dinner surrounded by wine cellars.

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Since then, we have witnessed how they became stronger as a couple and as artists. They have already achieved a lot together and individually.

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James and Nadine conquered the world with their sold-out concert tours. Fans are also lucky to get a glimpse of what they do outside showbiz with the Instagram posts of their travels.

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It will make you say that they are really #REALationshipGoals! Watch their love story here as told by Donna Cariaga on e-HUB!

Meanwhile, after their successful “JaDine Revolution” concert tour and their critically acclaimed movie “Never Not Love You,” they will be doing separate projects on screen for now.

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The teaser for Nadine’s “Ulan” movie with “Sid & Aya: Not A Love Story” director Irene Villamor just came out. She will also be doing a dance musical with close friend Sam Concepcion.

Ulan Teaser [COMING SOON]

Heto na ang ULAN! #UlanMovie COMING SOON!

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James, on the other hand, will be filming for “Pedro Penduko” soon where Nadine will play one of the characters in the movie.

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