WATCH: Exclusive behind-the-scenes footage with Boy Next Door Jack Reid


Good looks really runs in the blood, but he’s ought to prove that he’s more than that.

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Viva’s Boy Next Door Jack Reid is currently making a name for himself in an industry where his brother, James, dominates.

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Growing up in Sydney, Australia, Jack moved here in the Philippines with his father and sister, Lauren, to be with James.

Just like his older sister, they never planned to enter showbiz, but with James’ influence, they did.

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Jack already appeared in shows such as ‘Panday’ and ‘Happinas Happy Truck.’ He’s also one of the lead stars in movies ‘Dark Room’ and ‘Squad Goals.’

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In an endorsement shoot of a clothing brand, Jack showed off his fit body while wearing a collection inspired by the animal kingdom. In his Instagram stories, Jack spends his free time in the gym with his friends.

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