Anne Curtis has been in the entertainment industry for 21 years now, and she continues to thrive as one of the most sought-after Filipina actresses of this generation!

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Anne has been very busy with her back-to-back movie projects this year, and she finally had the time off for a much-needed vacation in Africa with her husband Erwan Heussaff.

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Her vacation days are now over though, and she is back on the daily grind of the showbiz industry. Anne immediately went back to hosting the noontime variety show “It’s Showtime,” and she has also been very busy promoting for her upcoming horror film “Aurora.”

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In fact, Anne had a movie tour over the weekend, wherein she gave an energy-filled performance for the crowd. She even channeled her inner Ariana Grande while performing the hit song “Break Free”!

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You can watch Anne’s Ariana Grande birit performance here!

“Aurora” will be showing in cinemas on December 25 as one of the entries in this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF), so watch out for that!

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In the meantime, you can watch the trailer here!


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