James has a total of seven siblings.

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Robbie, Jenny, Andrew, Tom, Lauren, Jack, and Chantal

James and Nadine have a new pet, pomeranian, with the name "Calcifer Pendragon."

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Cal is a corgi!

James and Nadine are nominated in the "Best Actor" and "Best Actress" categories of FAMAS awards for the movie, "Never Not Love You."

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Nadine is the first Filipino brand ambassador of the international clothing brand, H&M.

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James is the winner of the 2018 MTV EMA Best SEA Act.

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He won the award in 2017.

James, Billy, and Sam's "Filipina Girl" has around three million views on Youtube.

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It's James, Billy, and Marcus!

JaDine was recently recognized as the "Most Popular Love Team for TV" at the 50th Guillermo Mendoza awards.

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They are the "Most Popular Love Team for Movies."

James claims that Nadine liked him first, although Nadine repeatedly denies it.

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James and Nadine are already in love when they first came to San Francisco for "On The Wings of Love."

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It was when they returned to San Francisco, the second time around.

Nadine was taking up BA Communication Arts at Colegio de San Lorenzo before headlining the movie, "Diary ng Panget."

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