There are those movies that capture the heart of a moment – like when a particular scene reminds you of a memorable encounter with your loved one. Or when a certain character reminds you of a beloved.  There are even times when the protagonist’s decisions become a very familiar story. Really, when it hits home, it easily becomes a favorite.

So if you’re looking for a feel-good reel to watch after a stressful week, we’ve narrowed down some options for you!

  1. Unforgettable

Cast: Sarah Geronimo, Gina Pareño, Ara Mina

Directors: Jun Lana, Perci Intalan

If you have a soft spot for dogs and a passionate desire for goodness and kindness, this movie starring the Popstar Royalty will definitely tug at your heartstrings. It tells the story of Jasmine, a sweet, kind-hearted young lady who takes on a journey with her dog, Happy. As she travels by foot, she meets strangers along the way who helps her prove that there is goodness in everyone’s hearts.



2. Love The Way U Lie

Cast: Xian Lim, Alex Gonzaga, Kylie Verzosa

Director: RC Delos Reyes

This is not your ordinary rom-com flick. This unique film unravels the story of a psychic who finds herself lending her psychic abilities to a man who’s trying to move on from the pain brought by the unfortunate passing of his wife. If you’re a romantic looking for a new plot flavor, you might want to cozy in with this movie.



3. Miss Granny

Cast: Sarah Geronimo, Nova Villa, James Reid

Director: Joyce Bernal

Miss Granny became a box-office hit for a reason. During its release, families flocked to the cinemas to watch the heartwarming story of Fely who magically regains her youth in a photo studio at a time when she’s encountering a crisis with her family. The twist and turn of events quickly becomes relatable, specially for our grannies who we hold close to our hearts.





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Ang iconic song ni Sarah Geronimo!

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