The Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo is definitely one of the most sought-for and inspirational artists in this industry.

She started off as a contestant in the TV singing competition “Star for a Night” back in 2003. After she emerged as winner, Sarah became unstoppable.

Throughout the years, she continued to improve her skills and never failed in inspiring not just her fans but a lot more people.

As new generations of singers emerge, Sarah remained in the limelight and is actually one of those artists who always inspire young artists like the online sensation and rising stars trio, TNT Boys.

(c) YouTube/Rider.pH

The young singers shared in a press interview for their upcoming concert that Sarah is one of the artists that they want to work or have a showdown with.

Mackie Empuerto was the one who answered, “Sarah Geronimo po kasi siya po ‘yung Beyonce ng Pinas,” to which the other two agreed.

(c) YouTube/Rider.pH

Meanwhile she is still having her “This I5 Me” worldwide and local concert tour still in celebration of her 15 years in the industry.

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