James Reid and Nadine Lustre are two of the biggest and brightest Filipino stars of this generation, and they continue to thrive as multi-talented artists in the Philippine entertainment industry!

(c) Carlos Bariuan

The Multimedia Couple had a very blessed year in 2018 as they have done back-to-back showbiz projects. They also continuously give their fans all the kilig feels despite having to work on their respective work commitments.

(c) Carlos Bariuan

James and Nadine are both very talented in acting, singing and dancing, and they also have more common interests aside from their talents.

(c) james

The two of them share a love for music, photography, and traveling, which they usually do during their free time. They’ve made unforgettable memories by traveling to different parts of the Philippines and the world.

(c) james

Besides traveling to relax and take a break from the hectic nature of the showbiz industry, the Multimedia Couple also get to travel for work.

(c) nadine

They have done numerous shows locally and internationally, which just goes to show how famous and successful they are now!

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Want to travel the world with James and Nadine? You can watch this throwback video to have a glimpse of what it’s like whenever they travel abroad!


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