James Reid and Nadine Lustre have done several movies and televisions shows together in the past that were proven to be very successful, making them the Multimedia Loveteam of Philippine showbiz!

(c) Carlos Bariuan

The two of them have an undeniable on-screen chemistry that makes their fans beyond happy and excited. One of their films that made the JaDine fans super kilig is the movie adaptation of Marcelo Santos III’s “Para sa Hopeless Romantic.”

Behind all of the sweet and kilig scenes that were seen in “Para sa Hopeless Romantic” also require utmost hard work and dedication, not only from James and Nadine, but also from the staff and crew.


Curious as to how the film was made? You can watch the making of “Para sa Hopeless Romantic” here to see it for yourself!

Do you miss seeing the Multimedia Couple on the big screen? Not for long because James has been preparing for his upcoming movie role, Pedro Penduko!

(c) Pikapika Showbiz

Meanwhile, Nadine has a coming-of-age film entitled “Ulan,” and a lot of people are already looking forward to seeing it in cinemas, so stay tuned for that!

2019 is yet another big year for the Multimedia Couple, so get excited!


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