One of the most iconic couples in Philippine cinema is that of Laida Magtalas played by Sarah Geronimo and Miggy Montenegro portrayed by John Lloyd Cruz.

For three separate years, we all witness the love story of Laida and Miggy. How they started off as boss and assistant, how madly in love Laida is until she finally see his true colors, and how deeply Miggy will fall for her charm and passion.

The first movie, A Very Special Love was released in 2008. It showed the beginning of an exciting journey that two different persons will have.

Some of the most remembered scenes from this movie include the famous sun dance, and one where Miggy asked her to lock the door…when she leaves.

In You Changed My Life, which was released the following year, Laida and Miggy were already a couple and were facing the challenges of their relationship.

Miggy, who finally got the trust that he desperately wanted from his family got so busy that he couldn’t find time for his girlfriend, Laida, who in turn sacrificed so much for them.

Watch this heartbreaking scene!

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Meanwhile, don’t forget to watch out for Sarah’s upcoming movie, Unforgettable, wherein she will be working with other great actors like Gina Pareño, Yayo Aguila, Ara Mina, and more! It is being done under the helm of Jun Robles Lana.

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