It’s our Multimedia Princess Nadine Lustre’s birthday! What better way to know her more than through the love of her life, Multimedia Prince James Reid!


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How would you know if Nadine is pissed off?

J: How I know is she’s pissed off? I mean it’s pretty easy. She’s like ‘pissed off’ so you can really tell. She’s not very good at hiding how she feels.

How would you know if she’s hungry?

J: Her hungry is more like ‘hangry.’ She suffers ‘hangriness’ all the time so yeah you’ll definitely know.

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How does she show her sweetness?

J: She starts talking like a baby and goes, “Bumbum…bum.”

Does Nadine have any mannerism?

J: I don’t think I’ve noticed any like behavioral mannerisms but specifically when she performs, she loves to like [starts to imitate her].

Who spends more time shopping?

J: Nadine takes a lot longer to choose her clothes. Actually, she doesn’t want me to be with her when she’s shopping. She doesn’t want you to wait so she wants to shop alone.

(c) @james

What’s her favorite food?

J: Her favorite cuisine then and now is still Japanese.

(c) @nadine

Who texts more?

J: We’re always together so it’s hard to say who texts more but it’s definitely Nadine. She always texts me more but I like to talk on the phone.

(c) @james

Who sleeps a lot?

J: Nadine has a passive skill. She can fall asleep anywhere in any position and she can sleep through anything like she could sleep through an earthquake.

Who loves taking photos more?

J: Nadine, not just when we’re traveling, she likes taking photos all the time, even in small trips where I don’t think about bringing a camera. She always takes a lot of photos and I’m always like, “It’s enough photos. It’s enough photos.” But at the end of the trip, I’m always so glad that she took so many.

(c) @james

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James has already resumed his intense training for ‘Pedro Penduko.’ Nadine, on the other hand, is already shooting for his upcoming film ‘Ulan’ with ‘Sid & Aya: Not A Love Story’ director Irene Villamor.

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