Multimedia Royalties James Reid and Nadine Lustre’s chemistry transcends television and big screens even before they became a couple.

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Getting their big break in ‘Diary ng Panget’ back in 2014, the blockbuster success of their debut as a love team was unexpected even for the two of them.

Starting then, projects started pouring in and they are still non-stop up until now – movies, albums, concert tours, magazine covers.

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After ‘Never Not Love You’ and ‘Miss Granny,’ James will be shooting soon for the superhero film ‘Pedro Penduko.’ He even underwent intense training in parkour and fight scenes choreography.

Nadine, on the other hand, is almost done with the coming-of-age film ‘Ulan,’ directed by ‘Sid & Aya: Not A Love Story’ director Irene Villamor.

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She will also star in an upcoming ‘Step Up’ inspired dance-musical movie ‘Indak’ with close friend Sam Concepcion.

With all these blessings coming for James and Nadine, they are really two of the most in-demand artists in the country.

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If there’s a show that gained them more fans and put them as two of the biggest stars in the industry, it’s probably the phenomenal ‘On The Wings of Love.’


Filipinos all over the world fell in love with the characters of Clark and Leah not just because of the ‘kilig’ they bring but also their very relatable story as OFWs who are working hard for their family.


Bonus is this show also became one of the catalysts of James and Nadine developing feelings for each other.


Let’s look back on one of the most talked about scenes of ‘Cleah’!

Is this your favorite JaDine kiss on-screen? Comment down below!

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