Just how charming is Sarah G?


The Popstar Royalty has the right mix of sugar and spice. Whenever on stage, she just drops the bomb with her fiery and all-out performances. But every now and then, we catch glimpses of her bubbly and adorable self during her numerous TV appearances.  Let’s take a look at some of the captivating moments that will make us fall in love with her even more.


Instagram/ sarahgeronimoshots
Instagram/ sarahgeronimoshots


First of all, how can one be so gorgeous and cute at the same time? Even PBA players from different teams were starstruck!



We know that she just effortlessly rocks the Tala dance. But seeing her have fun with the #TeamSarah kids makes her even more charming in our eyes.



Speaking of kids, can we talk about how precious this Sarah G – Scarlet Snow moment is?



We’re used to seeing Sarah G on films and commercials. But have you seen her bloopers? If not, then here’s a full serving of cuteness coming right up! You can thank us later.



From a VJ to a supermodel real quick! How endearing is this superstar turned supermodel moment?



I dare say that there’s nothing more adorable than her expressing her love for food in this video:



Pick-up lines are made to lift up anyone’s mood through comic puns. But what happens when Sarah G delivers one? Wala na, finish na!




We just can’t get enough of her sweet smiles and melodic laughs! If you just turned from a fan to a super fan, don’t worry, we don’t blame you.

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