Asia’s Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo has such a sincere and emotional vocal prowess! While some singers aim to reach the highest possible note to impress, Sarah inspires her audience by telling the story of every song.

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No wonder she is considered as one of Asia’s finest performers!

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Sarah G’s talent never fails to amaze us! We have grown up singing along to her hits about falling in love, heartbreak, and loving one’s self!

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She can also put her own twist to classic OPM and foreign songs that she performs. Every performance is unforgettable!

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When Sarah sings, we feel like we can also sing out hearts out! This is because she truly connects to her audience and always gives her 100% passion as an artist!

There is no crowd like a Sarah Geronimo crowd! Wherever she goes, her Popsters always fill up every venue with so much love and support for her!

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Are you feeling senti today? Sarah Geronimo’s hit “The Great Unknown” will surely touch your heart!

Watch this live performance down below:

Sarah Geronimo song para sa mga takot ma-fall!

Sarah Geronimo song para sa mga takot ma-fall!

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