Sarah G’s ‘Tala’ Reaches 160M Views


Sarah Geronimo would not be called “Asia’s Popstar Royalty” if she did not consistently make pop hits that resonated with its audiences. With her albums always going platinum (if not double-platinum, or even diamond!), you know that her contributions to the Filipino music scene has always been one that has been enjoyed by many – regardless of age, gender, social status, etc.


Case in point: Tala, a song that was released four years ago, but made its way back to the mainstream media when it became an online dance craze. Thanks to the LGBT community that helped give this single the recognition it so deserves. This just proves that when the work of an artist is good, audiences come through by showing up.



The song “Tala” was created with a killer combination from the start. Composed by Nica del Rosario and Emmanuel Sambayan, choreographed by Georcelle Dapat-Sy of G-Force, and directed by the internationally-acclaimed Paul Basinillo. These, with the magnetic energy that Sarah G. always brings to the table, made a perfect formula to a classic OPM hit. (We would even go as far as saying as a pop cultural gem, if there’s such a thing.)


And after being hailed as one of the most-watched OPM Music Videos of all time, the song ‘Tala’ has reached another milestone, now with 160 MILLION views to date. And you have to admit, Tala is still the bop everyone wants to sing and dance to.

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