Sarah Geronimo has been thriving in the entertainment industry for 16 years now, and there is just no stopping her from pursuing her dreams and aspirations.

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Before her phenomenal fame and success, the Popstar Royalty only had a big dream, which became a reality through continuous hard work and dedication in her craft.

Indeed, Sarah has come a long way in her career as she has achieved a lot of amazing accomplishments, but she remains to be very humble and grounded despite those.

(c) sarahgeronimoshots

Aside from her stunning beauty and world-class talent, the Popstar Royalty is also admired by millions because of her kind heart, which she uses to express utmost gratitude for her loyal fans.

In this video for instance, Sarah’s “This 15 Me” US Tour can be seen, from what happens onstage, to what goes on behind-the-scenes. The hectic schedule was not easy for the Popstar Royalty, but she is thankful for her fans nonetheless.

You can watch the video here for Sarah’s heartfelt message to her fans!


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