On Sunday, December 6, Sarah Geronimo trended on Twitter for her performance of Harry Styles’ “Watermelon Sugar” on a variety show where she usually performs.


“Watermelon Sugar” is a hit song by former One Direction member, Harry Styles, from his 2019 album “Fine Line”

Hair in braids, donning a white graphic long sleeves, Sarah gave a slower rendition to the song then belting out her versatile vocals to the chorus. Popsters applauded this, commenting the popstar royalty sang the track as if it’s her own.

Fans also commented on the star’s un-aging look. One popster even compared Sarah to a vampire!


Another popster, on the other hand, found similarity with this performance to her “Don’t Let Me Down” by the Chainsmokers production. 

While this fan shared a behind the scene photo of the star infront of a green screen.

In an interview, Sarah’s other half, Matteo Guidicelli revealed the singer’s passion for her craft. Revealing that before Sarah will just go to a studio with studio engineers to record songs, but now the star tries to do everything on her own.

What other hit songs would you like the Popstar Royalty to do a cover of next?

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