Sarah Geronimo has achieved a lot of amazing accomplishments throughout her 16 years in the entertainment industry, and she remains to be unstoppable when it comes to pursuing more dreams.

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As an actress, the Popstar Royalty has starred in several blockbuster movies in the past; her most recent one being “Miss Granny.”

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The 2018 film is said to be her best movie portrayal to date, therefore earning her a Best Actress award in this year’s PMPC Star Awards.

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As a singer/performer, on the other hand, Sarah continues to hone her talent even more, in order to give her fans an unforgettable concert experience.

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The Popstar Royalty has a powerful voice that can make her audience feel an array of emotions, leaving them speechless and in awe of her world-class talent.

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Sarah has released a lot of hit songs over the years, but “Forever’s Not Enough” remains to be an all-time favorite as it is a classic SG song.

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In this video, for instance, the Popstar Royalty performed it onstage, and the crowd gleefully sang it with her after she requested them to do so.

Sarah G's Highest Version of Forever's Not Enough! [LIVE]

To the highest level talaga ang powers ng boses ni Sarah G!

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Sarah was evidently filled with joy as she witnessed her fans’ dedication by singing with her.


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