Asia’s Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo has made her mark in the entertainment industry as a world-class performer, who always gives her best every time she steps on stage. From her “kontesera” roots, Sarah G blossomed into a powerful artist who’s versatility never fails to amaze her audiences and supporters.

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Sarah G always highlights the importance of singing from the heart. Even during her days as Coach Sarah on “The Voice Kids Season 4”, she would always remind young artists that singing is not about who can reach and hit the highest notes but is about performing with sincere emotions.

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With her vocal prowess, killer dance moves, and looks fit for the Royalty that she is, Sarah continues to set the bar higher as a performer. She’s also a successful actress who starred in top rating shows and unforgettable blockbuster films, one of the most sough after and effective brand endorsers, a make-up line owner (POP Studio), and a role model because of how she stayed down to earth and simple throughout her showbiz career!

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Sarah G is truly a gem in this industry. A women crush that we all admire because of how she showed that dedication, obedience, and passion will bring you places!

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There is no crowd like a Sarah G crowd! Look back at one of Sarah G’s high-energy performances of her phenomenal song “Tala” in the video below:

Sarah Geronimo's Favorite – Tala! [LIVE]

Paborito mo rin ba ang Tala ni Sarah Geronimo?

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Meanwhile, Sarah Geronimo’s latest heartwarming film “Unforgettable” directed by award-winning directors Perci Intalan and Jun Robles Lana  is now showing in cinemas nationwide!

Watch the trailer below:

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