16 years ago, Sarah Geronimo started out with just a big dream, and now she has made it a reality through continuous hard work and dedication in her craft.

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Time and time again, the Popstar Royalty has proven that her talent is of world-class caliber, and her numerous local and international awards are proof!

Aside from those, Sarah also receives once in a lifetime opportunities, such as performing at the historic Papal visit in United Arab Emirates last February.

Indeed, the Popstar Royalty has come a long way in her career, and she remains to be unstoppable when it comes to pursuing her dreams and aspirations!

Let’s not forget that as an overall performer, Sarah G never fails to leave her audience in awe of her powerful singing voice and energy-filled dance numbers.

Just take a look at how the Popstar Royalty left her fans in awe as she did a todo birit performance at the Mall of Asia Arena!



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