Award-winning artist, box-office star, sold-out concert performer, and the one and only Asia’s Popstar Royalty, this is Sarah Geronimo!


Sarah G is a versatile performer who is one of OPM’s biggest and brightest artists!


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She has given us timeless hits that have become our go-to whether we’re going through heartbreak, looking for a confidence boost, or when we just want to sing and dance our hearts out!




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The superstar never fails to wow every audience with her vocal prowess, powerful stage presence, and killer dance moves!



Sarah always looks like the royalty that she is. She carries her outfits with incredible confidence that makes her look more powerful!


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With her dedication and passion for her craft as an artist, Sarah G proves she’s a shining gem and an unbeatable force in the entertainment industry!


Instagram / sarahgeronimoshots


Wherever place she is in the world, Sarah G delivers performances that are iconic!


Instagram / sarahgeronimoshots


Speaking of iconic performances, take a trip down memory lane and sing along to Sarah G as she performs one of her most iconic hits!

Check out the video below:

[FOCUS CAM] Ang iconic song ni Sarah Geronimo!

Ang iconic song ni Sarah Geronimo!

Posted by on Tuesday, January 21, 2020


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