It all started with a big dream for Sarah Geronimo, and through continuous hard work and determination, she is now of the brighest stars in Philippine showbiz!

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Throughout her 16 years in the entertainment industry, the Popstar Royalty has proven time and time again that her talent is of world class caliber, and her numerous local and international awards are proof.

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As an actress, Sarah is not afraid to take on challenging roles that put her talent and versatility to the test. In fact, she is currently working on yet another must-watch movie entitled “Unforgettable,” directed by renowned filmmaker Jun Robles Lana.

As a singer/performer, on the other hand, the Popstar Royalty has traveled to different parts of the Philippines and the world to give her fans an exceptional concert experience.

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Sarah gives utmost passion and effort in everything that she does, and it is evident in every song and dance number that she performs onstage.

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Just take a look at this video, wherein the Popstar Royalty continuously worked hard during her dance rehearsal!

Sarah Geronimo Dance Rehearsal [FULL COVERAGE]

Ganito pala ang ginagawang dance practice ni Sarah Geronimo for an amazing performance on stage!

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Sarah’s burning passion and dedication in her craft is truly admirable!


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