For 16 years now, Sarah Geronimo has been working hard to make her dreams a reality, and she continues to be an inspiration to her millions of fans, as well as young artists.

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From being a young dreamer, the Popstar Royalty has come a long way in her career as she is now one of the most sought-after Filipino stars of this generation!

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You say it, and Sarah has probably done it in her career, from starring in films that become blockbuster hits, to releasing songs that are #relatable.

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The Popstar Royalty makes her audience feel a variety of emotions as she sings with her powerful voice, and the meaning behind her hit songs can communicate well to people.

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Aside from her music, Sarah also has #relatable words to share to her fans, and she talked about love as an introduction to this particular performance saying, “Ganon din sa pag-ibig diba? Minsan wala ka talagang kontrol sa mga bagay-bagay, pero ang importante…”

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You can watch the video here to find out the rest of what the Popstar Royalty said!


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