Fans and fellow artists look up to Asia’s Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo because of her unbeatable talent as a performer. Her versatility as a singer is truly one of a kind. Sarah G can effortlessly deliver emotional and energetic performance, while killing the dance floor with her natural groove.

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Sarah G’s 16 years of entertainment success was achieved through herdedication, passion, and love for her craft. She has become the ultimate crush and role model of millions of fans from all around the world. A woman of substance, admirable character, timeless beauty, and incomparable talent, who wouldn’t idolize the one and only Asia’s Popstar Royalty?

Aside from conquering the music scene, Sarah G captured the hearts of fans because of her rom-com movies that defined a new level of kilig! Her movies such as “A Very Special Love” trilogy, “Maybe This Time”, “Catch Me I’m In Love”, “The Break – Up Playlist” just to name few still make us blush and fall in love all over again.

She also showed her versatility and edge as an actress by starring in more family centered movies such as her outstanding and award-winning role in “Miss Granny” and her recent heartwarming film “Unforgettable”, where she starred alongside the wonder dog Milo instead of having the usual leading man.

With all these success and achievements, Sarah G remains to be her humble and simple self. Despite being the biggest pop star in the country, a certified box-office queen, a top brand endorser, a make-up line owner, a sold out concert perfomer, a mentor, a fashion and beauty style icon, and a host, she kept both feet on the ground. A perfect example of being successful yet down to earth!

Through all the ups and downs of her career her family and her solid fans, also known as the Popsters, have supported every project and show she’s part of. They would fill up every venue, line up for long periods of time, and express their unconditional love for Sarah G!

Even Sarah G got overwhelmed with the unforgettable love and support of her fans! Watch the video below, where Sarah G expressed her love for her Popsters in this mall show performance:

Sarah Geronimo to Popsters: I love you!

Tanging pangarap mo din bang mapanood si Sarah G live?

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