Award-winning singer, overall performer, and versatile actress, Sarah Geronimo holds all of these titles and more, making her one of the biggest and brightest Filipino stars in Philippine showbiz!

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Time and time again, the Popstar Royalty has given pride and joy to her country as she has been recognized by local and international award giving bodies for her world-class talent.

When it comes to acting, Sarah continues to challenge herself by accepting different roles, such as her character in “Miss Granny,” which is said to be her best movie portrayal to date.

When it comes to singing, the Popstar Royalty never fails to impress her audience with her powerful voice and energy-filled dance routines as she pours her heart out into her performances.

(c) sarahgeronimoshots

Throughout her 16 years in the entertainment industry, Sarah has headlined countless of sold-out concerts, not only in the Philippines, but also in different countries all over the globe.

She has done performances that are amazing beyond words, and this video is proof! Just take a look at how the Popstar Royalty dominated the Mall of Asia Arena as her fans supported her with loud cheers of excitement!


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