Sarah Geronimo remains to be UNSTOPPABLE as she thrives in the entertainment industry, therefore making her one of the biggest and brightest Filipino stars of this generation!

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The Popstar Royalty is having quite a busy year so far as she has been juggling one showbiz commitment after another lately.

First off, she is gearing up for her upcoming movie with the working title, “Unforgettable,” directed by award-winning director Jun Robles Lana.

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Sarah continues to challenge herself as an actress by taking on different roles that are unlike any of the ones that she has done in the past. This just goes to show how talented and versatile she really is in acting.

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Aside from starring in noteworthy films, the Popstar Royalty also travels to different parts of the Philippines and various countries all over the globe to give world-class performances.

Sarah’s passion in her craft is evident in every song and dance number she slays, and she has a way of bringing out different emotions from her audience by pouring her heart out into her performances.

For instance in this video, the Popstar Royalty touched the hearts of her fans as she did an emotional rendition of the iconic song “Forever’s Not Enough.”


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