Indeed, time flies by so fast as Sarah Geronimo is already on her 16th year in the entertainment industry, and she has come a long way in her career!

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From being a young dreamer, she is now hailed as the Popstar Royalty of Philippine showbiz, and there is just no stopping her reign!

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Despite her continuous fame and success, Sarah remains to be very humble and grounded, and her passion and dedication for her craft never fades.

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Time and time again, the Popstar Royalty has given pride and joy to her country, as well as made her fellow Filipinos proud of her amazing accomplishments.

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She has headlined countless of concerts, not only in the Philippines, but also in different countries all over the globe. Not to mention, she has received numerous titles and awards from local and international award giving bodies.

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More than her phenomenal success, Sarah is an inspiration to her millions of fans because of her kind heart that never fails to show gratitude and humility.

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A lot of people can relate to her through her songs, as well as her words of wisdom. In this video, for instance, the Popstar Royalty introduced her song number by talking a bit about life and love, making the crowd respond with loud cheers!

Sarah G version 2.0!

Love na love ni Sarah G ang OPM!

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