Summer is now upon us, and people are beyond excited to spend their vacation by going to the beach, traveling abroad, or having a relaxing staycation!

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Feeling the intense summer heat these past few days? Sarah Geronimo intensified the warm weather during her performance on ASAP last Sunday as she did an electrifying song number!

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You can watch the video here!

Aside from her much-awaited ASAP performances every Sunday, the Popstar Royalty has also been very busy working on all of her upcoming projects, which are super exciting indeed.

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On top of her thriving music career, Sarah has also been receiving continuous success as an actress. In fact, she was recently nominated as Best Actress in this year’s FAMAS Awards for her noteworthy portrayal of “Miss Granny.”

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2018 was certainly a blessed and fruitful year for the Popstar Royalty’s career, and Popsters can look forward to more from the Popstar Royalty this 2019, so stay tuned!

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