Sarah Geronimo has come a long way in her career, from being a young dreamer, to becoming one of the biggest and brightest Filipino stars of this generation!

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The Popstar Royalty has been serving as inspiration to her millions of fans for 16 years now, and there is just no stopping her phenomenal fame and success.

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You say it, and Sarah G has probably done it in her career, from starring in blockbuster films, releasing multi-platinum records, to performing in sold-out shows and concerts.

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Let’s not forget that the Popstar Royalty has also received numerous titles and awards from local and international award giving bodies, therefore making Filipinos proud of her amazing accomplishments.

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Despite her phenomenal success, Sarah remains to be very humble and simple, and she makes sure to give back to her ever so loving and loyal fans.

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She shows them how grateful she is through genuine smiles and gentle gestures, which are much appreciated by her supporters.

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Just take a look at this video wherein the Popstar Royalty couldn’t stop herself from smiling and laughing while performing and interacting with fans!

Abangan sa video ang wagas na bungisngis ni Sarah!!

Nakipagbonding si Sarah G kasama ang Popsters!

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Isn’t she just so sweet and lovable?!


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