For 16 years now, Sarah Geronimo has continuously worked hard to make a her dreams a reality, therefore inspiring her millions of fans all over the world.

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You say it, and the Popstar Royalty has probably done it in her career, whether it be winning numerous titles and awards from local and international award giving bodies, or releasing albums that become multi-platinum.

Aside from her songs that remain to be a crowd favorite, Sarah has also reached milestones through headlining countless of concerts, not only in the Philippines, but also in different countries all over the globe.

The Popstar Royalty gives joy and excitement to her fans whenever she performs onstage, and she never fails to leave them speechless and in awe of her world-class performances.

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Not to mention, Sarah’s special guests also help her in entertaining the crowd, which she is beyond thankful for. “Super grateful ako sa mga special guests ko because they gave their best effort para punuan ang pagkukulang ko during the show,” the Popstar Royalty stated.

You can watch the video here to find out the rest of what she has to say about her close friend Mark Bautista and other special guests!


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