Sarah Geronimo is an award-winning artist, box-office queen, sold-out concert performer, mentor, makeup line owner, top brand endorser, fashion and beauty peg and the one and only Asia’s Popstar Royalty!

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Sarah G’s talent and stage presence always leaves us in awe.


Whether she’s singing emotional love songs or pumping up our energy with her upbeat numbers, she never fails to deliver world-class performances!


The Asia’s Popstar Royalty is not just a powerful performer, but is also a timeless hitmaker. Sarah G’s 2016 track ‘Tala’ has been reborn and its popularity is unstoppable. ‘Tala’ is now a certified dance craze!



Another thing that makes us admire Sarah Geronimo is her ability to own every performance and reinvent herself. Her passion, dedication, and love for her craft truly made her one of the brightest stars of the entertainment industry!




Every week, we look forward to Sarah G’s incomparable talent on the musical variety show ASAP Natin To!



This Sunday, Sarah G gave the audience goosebumps as she performed the song ‘Reflection’ from the Disney movie ‘Mulan’

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Sarah G is not just a princess, but a queen!


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